My computer windows xp icon missing

How to fix missing or lost sound in Windows. in the bottom righthand corner of the Windows Desktop. If this icon is missing, follow the steps below. If you see this icon, skip to next section.

Windows 10. Open the Control Panel. If conflicts exists with your sound card or other devices installed in your computer, it is likely that What to do if your computer is missing the Windows desktop My Computer, My Network Places, or My Documents icon. Missing icons in Windows XP, Vista, and 7. Rightclick on the Desktop and click Personalize. In the window that appears, Aug 27, 2018 The" MyComputer" icon is missing from my desktop and in the Control Desktop the MyComputer icon is grayed out.

Aug 16, 2007 Hello All, I just recently bought a Dell Dimension 2400 PC with XPHome on it. I just notice the the" My Computer" icon is missing from my desktop. My Computer icon is missing. How do I get it back Answered by a verified Tech Support Specialist are you using Windows XP or Windows VISTA? hello again sir, choose the customize desktop button. choose the general tab and put a check mark My computer windows xp icon missing to my computer, and any other system icons you want on the desktop.

Ask Your Own Computer Feb 24, 2009 Symptoms: My Computer" icon" missing from desktop, also missing from folder location list, the" Customize Desktop" checkbox is grayed outcannot select Help! I had to reinstall my windows XP Pro after it crashed. I have an external storage device from Western Digital called Essential Edition.

The problem is that the Driver icon is not showing up in MY Computer. Windows Calculator Missing or Disappeared? here are a couple of ways you can get your calculator back in Windows XP and higher. Method 1 Reinstall Calculator (Windows XP) Obviously, youll find both of these files in those two directories on another computer that has the calculator working. After that, you can just create a " My response: If memory serves correct, the" My Computer" icon was removed from the desktop starting with Windows 8, and is now How to Fix: My Computer icon Missing in Windows 10 (Desktop) www.

infopackets. com Aug 21, 2012  Archived from groups: ( Upon opening windows explorer by clicking My Computer from the Start Menu, I see all of the drive icons Desktop Icons Missing or Disappeared.

Normally in order to get out of this situation, you have to restart your computer and hope that whatever caused Windows to crash goes away. The icons can be missing from your desktop for two reasons: In Windows XP, rightclick on the desktop and choose Arrange Icons By.

Aug 13, 2012  The My Computer Icon is missing from my Start Menu. I have tried the properties options on my Desktop. I've tried editing the registry. Nothing

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