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Jan 25, 2015  Aussies are so beloved around the world, from our actors and film industry, to our musicians, to our TV shows with global audiences and more.

The pop culture figures featured in this gallery are all household names, recognisably Australian, and many have gone on to achieve international success click through to check them out. Jul 03, 2015 Celebrity Photos: July 2015 Actor Ian Somerhalder with volunteers from International Bird Rescue, Scott Steeper and Nancy Kaump, celebrating the launch of the Dawn" We All Love Wildlife" video Popular culture icons 2015 at International Bird Rescue in San Pedro, Calif.

on July 9. December 27, 2015 4: 09pm What a year it was. We had the biggest movie opening of all time twice in the same year the return of Adele, and more superheroes at the theater and on TV. July 06, 2015 Rarely does truly great art come from somebody setting out to make it. If you sit down with a dozen cartons of cigarettes and a clowncarsized bottle of whiskey, determined to write the Great American Novel and finally earn the respect of Ernest Hemingway's ghost, all you'll end up with is a tobacco addiction and a raisinshaped liver.

In the 1960s, says philosopher Arthur Danto, Pop art was among other things an effort to overcome the division between fine and vernacular art, between the exalted and the coarse, between high and low.

Pop Stars! demonstrates the dominance of the popular as todays ubiquitous culture. The Biggest Winners (And Losers) in Pop Culture This Summer 12: 00 pm; The Biggest Winners (And Losers) in Pop Culture This Summer summer 2015 like the# SQUAD. It hit the pop culture The Top 5 Pop Culture Icons, Right Now. by Mandy Carr; January 18, 2016; The 26yearold artist also was the topgrossing touring artist of 2015.

If you attended her concert, its easy to see why. With the most celebrity cameos ever seen at a concert and just a stellar tour on its own, Swift rocked 2015. Dec 01, 2015 The year was full of standout moments from the world of movies, music, TV and more, that sparked furious online debates and discussion.

Here are our Top 10. The latest and greatest in pop culture: go behind the scenes to view ELLE cover shoots and read exclusive interviews with the biggest celebrities.

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