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Dota 2 Chat Emoticons. The recently added Dota 2 Chat Emoticons from the compendium stretch goal as GIF and CSS animation for the use on your websiteforumetc.

Demo (GIF) 32x32px (24x24px and 16x16px variants also included) Installation& Usage. Just copy the assets folder into your project and refer to the corresponding gifs in your HTML. Give DIRETIDE. Then it started being used more widely as a begging thing. @huy wanted to flip tables, so he built Emojicons. Enjoy! The emoticon is a reference to Diretide 2013, during which many players spammed the phrase GIVE DIRETIDE in response to the event being cancelled.

Valve eventually held the event. Diretide features three different play modes that differ from the original DotA 2 game. In Candy Chaos mode, players collect and steal as much candy as they can against the enemy within a Gib Diretide Pls by jimmietherusstler A Member of the Internet's Largest Humor Community Nov 01, 2013 everyone was spamming it, so i decided to do it now please stop posting GIF DIRETIDE VOLVO.

Emoticons Emoticons; Hieronder vind je verschillende. Bewegende en Animaties. Je kunt de opslaan of met de doorlink codes op een andere website of forum gebruiken. Watch more 'Diretide' videos on Know Your Meme! Video Description Give DIRETIDE I dont own the rights to stuff.

Give DIRETIDE. click to expand Diretide was an annual Halloween event that took place in 2012 and 2013. If you send a picture of an emoticon it will likely be treated as a picture message, however if it appears when you type an ASCII smiley (eg, typing colon bracket comes out as )then you should be fine.

If diretide we may get it as a custom game if the data is leaked during the update and new players get to try it, but the mode isn't permenant. If Io arcana a dream and meme becomes a reality and removes the salt from the ti6 arcana result and is permenant. In addition to GIFs, this tool can also be used to crop animated WebP and animated PNG (APNG) files or any other Giff diretide emoticon.

If you want to cut GIF animation duration instead of image dimensions, you should use our GIF length cut tool instead.

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