Wamp server 2.2 orange icon

So I've installed Wampserver 2. 2 on my WIndows 7 computer. on starting wamp, the icon goes from red to orange and just stays orange. I can't run any php files. I hover over it and all it says is that the server First, I must say that I'm totally beginner. I installed Wamp server 2 verison (I have XP) but the icon is orange. I have found somewhere that problem is probably in Apache because something using My WAMP server shows online with orange icon.

I also changed the port no from 80 to 85. Its still not working. Guarav December 27, 2015 at 2: 21 am. Thank you You solved my problem. ravax December 30, 2015 at 10: 48 am. Thx, changing: 80 to: 7080 solved my orange icon problem! Dec 01, 2012 How to fix WAMP orange icon issue? Duration: 4: 42. Tech Aimley 19, 615 views. 4: 42. WAMP Server Local Server 1 of 2 services running Fix [SOLVED Duration: 4: 36. Nov 27, 2016  HOW TO FIX WAMP ORANGE ICON? Project Make Knowledge Free By Amlan Dutta Even after installing the local server, sometimes you may get this issue where the Wamp server refuses to Jun 25, 2016 Wampserver not Working Red and Orange Icon Problem KnowlegeWorld WAMP Icon stays orange Apache not starting How to Download and Install Wamp Server on Windows 10 2018 wampserver doesn't go green stays orange.

Ask Question. WAMP Server may turn orange for various reason as it is not working. This is also a another type of issue.

that can be due to webservices is running in services. msc This is explained in the below blog. If you have Installed VC redist from Microsoft but still your wamp icon is Oct 15, 2017 First of all i want to say this might not be the only case that you will get wampserver orange icon.

So this might not work for all of you. wamp server All Wampserver no se pone verde Salut tous, Voila j'ai un problme avec Wamp, lorsque je l'allume, l'icne reste en orange dans la barre des tche et quand j'ouvre localhost, j'ai une page web avec not found.

Mar 04, 2018 Today i will tell you How to fix wamp server yellow icon if your wamp is already on soo restart all services Mar 30, 2015 This tutorial is about one of wampserver issues, that leaves us with orange icon.

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