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Atomic Force Microscopy and Metrology Worldwide Community The Nanoscale World Bruker Media. Community Media. Bruker AFM Probes. SPM Digest. Application Notes Manuals& Documentation. Presentations. Guide to AFM Modes. News. Journal Club. Webinars& Video. Nanovations. Other. Dimension Icon Chinese Manual. Browse Media. Bruker Media Dimension Icon offers new levels of performance for largesample highspeed AFMs.

Equipped with PeakForce Tapping and ScanAsyst, Icon is the ideal choice. User Manuals Terms and Conditions Product End of Life Support& Upgrades Software Downloads Bruker AFM Probes. Online store for AFM probes and accessories. AFM Webinars. Incorporating the industryleading AFM and a researchgrade confocal Raman microscope on a single platform. With the introduction of integrated Raman spectroscopy capability, Bruker's Dimension Icon platform again sets a new standard in highperformance surface characterization, enabling colocalized measurements with unsurpassed efficiency Bruker Dimension Icon AFM Quick Users Guide August 2012 GLA Contacts Teddy Huang ([email protected]

edu ) Noah Plymale ) 1) Read about How to avoid breaking the instrument on the hood or on the cover of the AFM Users Manual 3. CAMERA ALIGNMENT and LASER ALIGNMENT Double click the NanoScope icon on the desktop and Select SCANASYST (Figure 3) Figure 3. Experiment window showing different modes of AFM (taken from Bruker manual) Select SCANASYST IN AIR or SCANASYST IN FLUID in Icon AFM incorporates the latest evolution of Brukers industryleading nanoscale imaging and characterization technologies on a large sample tipscanning AFM platform.

Bruker Dimension Icon AFM General information The Dimension Icon AFM is reserved for advanced AFMbased techniques, particularly for nanomechanical and nanoelectrical measurements. Bruker ICON3 AFM (Tapping Mode) Instruction. Note: Manual Tune. to tune the cantilever. 4 Page. III. Mounting your sample 1. Place the sample either on the magnetic holder or directly on the stage.

Click on the camera icon to capture the file. 5 Page. Figure 7: Scan parameter list will be available once the tip is in contact with the AFM Bruker Atomic Force Microscopy System Standard Operating Procedure 4D LABS Confidential Revision: 1.

1 Last Updated: April 28, 2016, Revised by Chris Balicki The Bruker AFM System is a powerful allinone tool enabling a variety of techniques including: Doubleclick on Bruker afm icon manual Nanoscope 9. 1 icon to open the AFM Control program. 3 AFM System Upgrades Dimension 3000, 3100, 5000 Upgrade TradeIn Dimension Icon Todays leading AFM performance with a path to all new Bruker AFM innovations: Bruker Dimension Icon Walkthrough Dimension Icon Atomic Force Microscope and Nanoscope V Before beginning: 1.

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