Notification icons on blackberry torch

BlackBerry Torch 9810 Smartphone User Guide Version: 7. 0 BlackBerry ID, you can manage apps that you downloaded from the BlackBerry App World storefront and keep apps you Turn on flashing LED notification for wireless coverage, 215 Icons Application icons Be it from new BlackBerry users or users that just simply have never run into a circumstance where they would see certain icons.

Out of the list above, I personally have never seen a service book waiting or browser push message icon. Back in days, I remember how difficult it was to help a friend over the phone to clear all notification icons from her new BlackBerry Bold home screen. Many times, its tough for new BlackBerry users too learn all notification icons in few days. Well at that time, I didnt have this post published else I could have send the link via email. Notification icons The notification icons show you that you have new or unopened items for your accounts in the BlackBerry Hub.

When you have a new item, Nov 13, 2010 Some themes have different icon sets for different notifications. if you are using a 3rd party theme, i would revert back to the stock theme, and see if the icon changes. Weird notification icon on the top of my Blackberry Torch? Weird notification icon with a red circle with a line through it with yellow, blue, and green bars Someone said: I currently have the same issue!

1. On the Home screen, click the Setup icon. 2. In the Setup section, click the Email Accounts icon. 3. Follow the screens to set up your email address. When your email address is set up correctly, you Icons and indicators Find sizes and best practices for icons and indicators.

BlackBerry Torch 9810 smartphone The icons in BlackBerry 7 draw inspiration from premium materials and create a highquality look and feel to the icons. BlackBerry 6& BlackBerry 7 Select Show All Icons BlackBerry Device Software 5. 0 and below Select Show All Note: If the option Show All Icons or Show All does not appear in the menu after step two, there are no hidden icons on your device.

My suggestion to RIM is this people don't have time to remember what icons mean or people are new to BlackBerry and don't have a clue what they are. We are quite smart but were busy! In BlackBerry 6 all the notification show above the social feeds drop down.

It is possible for addon applications to produce notifications icons, such as Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones and Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones. If an icon is displayed that you cannot identify even after reviewing the user guide, please reference the BlackBerry Device Software thread at BlackBerry Support Forums. Research In Motions Blackberry Torch may not have made the kind of ripples that the company may have wanted to in terms of the sale numbers.

But when we were just being happy about the fact that users at least did not have to go through the kind of agony iPhone 4 users had to, we are getting to hear about an issue with the notification bar. But yes, this is a pretty minor bug that RIM should

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