Ubuntu skype icon disappeared

Jan 07, 2018 Skype taskbar icon missing in Skype for Windows 10 Hi. With Skype for Desktop I had a nice icon on the taskbar notification area that I could see my status, whether I had pending (unread) messages, and I could doubleclick to open Skype.

I started using Ubuntu 3 days ago, but I don't know how to open Skype and VLC programs because their icons disappeared from the menu. I have already read answers to other people with similar problems, but I don't understand most of the technical language. The problem arises again. I can't see skype, pidgin, gyachi (any software) tray icon. To get the icon on the tray, I have to go to the software, disable the icon, and reenable it again.

Otherwise, I have to use the extension: restart Cinnamon I am using Cinnamon 1. 4 (latest nightly build for Ubuntu). fixskypeicon. Shell script to fix the Skype icon in Ubuntu. Skype doesn't have monochromatic tray icon by default.

Default icon doesn't look nice on Ubuntu (especially on Gnome or Xfce WM). Jan 17, 2015 Re: Icons missing in systray (skype and others) I am encountering the same issue, and installing sniqt: i386 did not solve it.

My analysis so far is that it is not specific to a particular application, but rather to a class of application, name those using QT. Jul 05, 2018 To get back your Skype icon, kindly follow the steps below: If you are using the Skype for Desktop: Launch Skype app Sign in from the task bar right click Ubuntu skype icon disappeared to task bar. If you are using Skype for Mac: Launch Skype app Sign in from the task bar right click keep on my dock. Sep 10, 2018  If I go to all programs Skype shows up and I can click it to open and it works just fine.

I then did a right click on the skype program and send to (create shortccut). a shortcut was placed on my desktop but it a generic little square box iconnot the original skype icon that is a Ubuntu: : Icons All Disappear, Unable To Launch Applications, Odd Stuff? Randomly, when I start up my computer, the top panel will have some icons missing, or an icon will be covered up by part of another. Example: Note that half of the battery icon is shown where the network manager applet should be.

Here is what it is supposed to look like: I was forced (by Skype) to upgrade to the newest version (last Friday). Since then I have no Skype icon in the system tray. Is this by design? Skype Preview for Windows 10 Tray icon missing. Ask Question. Backup in Progress notification missing in System Tray. 0.

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