Cognos connection icons missing

" Hi All, I am unable to DisableRemove the" " Edit Page" " icon in the Cognos Connection. I have been successfully able to Disable almost everything I wanted, except the EDIT PAGE icon. In IBM Cognos connection, " open with report studio" icon is missing under actions pane at the right of the report name for portlets when preferences are differents than english and after a logoutlogin.

? The same icon is visible when clicking more next the report name. ? ? With english preferences, the icon is displayed fine for the same portlet and reports. Icons missing in portal pages. Technote (troubleshooting) Unable to view icons in portal pages. Cause. Incorrect value used for the Web Content URI value in Cognos Configuration. No value is required when the Web content, represented by the portal services portlets, is used in Cognos Connection.

When the portlets are deployed to a third Cognos Analytics has been setup with IIS as the webserver successfully using the following documentation. However, when Cognos Administration console is launched from Cognos Analytics, the console launches with all the missing webcontent i. e. missing icons, images and links. After logging into TM1 applications there is no Administer IBM Cognos content icon and the other icons do not respond when selected.

Cognos object icons. The various types of objects you can import from a Cognos BI database are represented by different icons, as the following table illustrates. " Hi gurus, My question is, now I hide icons such as" " run with options" " under the Actions pane in cognos connection, the way I did it was to comment out certain codes in system. xml Cognos connection icons missing Cognos BI Icons and Meanings. Ask Question. up vote 0 down vote favorite. I'm looking for a list of all the Icons used within Cognos BI and their meanings.

Right now I'm specifically struggling with the blue Package Icons. I have two different blue icons: Solid Blue; Blue with 3 small squares; Cognos connection icons missing Apr 17, 2018 Case 2: Only the" Dialup Connection" icons are missing. If this case describes your situation, you should first try Method 5 in the" General troubleshooting methods" section to add a generic standard modem.

Upon creation Cognos automatically adds the prefix" Shortcut to" to the original name of the object pointed to. However, the name can be changed afterwards as was the case in your first example report. Detailed Procedure COGNOS Icons Version: 1. 0 Page 2 of 2 Action Icons The Icon The Name The function Run With Options Allows you to run the report, specify the output and Navigating Cognos Query Studio Cognos Query Studio allows you to build custom ad hoc reports that you may share with other Cognos users.

This guide shows and defines the menus, toolbar, icons, and navigational features of the Cognos Query Studio interface. Specify an Alternative Icon for an Entry 35 Search for an Entry 36 Personalize Missing Images in a PDF Report 124 Security Problems 125 Unable to This document explains how to use Cognos Connection, the Cognos 8 portal, to view, edit, schedule, and distribute standard and complex reports.

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