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Safety data sheet for all ShinEtsu AQOAT grades. LHPC. Material Safety Data Sheet. Safety data sheet for all LHPC grades. Request your selected msds 11 rows Silicone fluids are generally colorless transparent liquids. They exhibit excellent resistance to heat, cold, and moisture. There is also little viscosity change in silicone fluids over a wide temperature range, and they have outstanding electrical properties. KF96 is a silicone fluid with a dimethylpolysiloxane Structure of KF96 structure.

It is a synthetic oil which does not exist in nature. ShinEtsu Silicones is a global leader in agents, silane, LIMS Silicone oil compounds, otherwise known as Thermal Greases, are composed of a base oil of silicone fluid compounded with thermally conductive fillers.

They are frequently used as Thermal Interface Materials between heat sinks and high heat flux electronics including CPUs, IGBTs, LEDs and other high powered components. Unlike mineral oil, silicone fluid exhibits extremely high compressibility and does not coagulate when pressurized. Silicone fluid has much higher compressibility than petroleumbased insulating oils or synthetic lubricants, and is thus wellsuited for use as damper oil.

ShinEtsu Silicones of America, Inc. ShinEtsu Silicone Korea Co.Ltd. ShinEtsu Silicone Taiwan Co.Ltd. ShinEtsu Singapore Pte. Ltd. Asia Silicones Monomer Ltd. ShinEtsu Silicones(Thailand), Ltd. Zhejiang ShinEtsu HighTech Chemical Co.Ltd. ShinEtsu Silicone International Trading (Shanghai) Co.Ltd. ShinEtsu Silicones Europe B. V. ShinEtsu silicone grease products are made by blending additives and fillers such as metal soaps into a silicone fluid base.

They have superior thermooxidative stability and moisture resistance over a wide temperature range. These products are used mainly for lubrication of moving parts. ShinEtsu Silicones Technical Data Sheets. This page has Shin etsu silicone oil to all data sheets in MatWeb for the manufacturer ShinEtsu Silicones. We have several search tools, listed above, that give you more efficient methods to reach the information that you need. ShinEtsu MicroSis thermally conductive silicone paste and thermal interface material is available in several cost effective packages which include syringes, cartridges and bulk containers.

ShinEtsu MicroSis thermal grease syringes are ideal for manual applications. ShinEtsu Chemical Co.Ltd. the Tokyobased chemical company, is the world's largest supplier of semiconductor materials, semiconductor silicon, synthetic quartz glass and PCV. Find great deals on eBay for shin etsu silicone. Shop with confidence.

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