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Order colored contact lenses online. The best and most popular brands Solotica, Adore, Bella, Soleko, Waicon and more. The Waicon TriKolor range of color contact lenses is one of the thinnest lenses, thus providing suitable oxygen transmissibility to the eyes. Unlike other colored contact lenses, the dyes used in TriKolor lenses do not interact with the eyes, thus providing a healthy wearing experience thanks to the new" micropigmentation" tinting process.

Waicon Trikolor an easy, healthy, comfortable and affordable way to create a new look every day. Waicon TriKolor contact lenses are available in eight dazzling colors inspired by nature to complement your style: gray, green, blue, hazel, blue gray, dark green, stylish gray, stylish brown. Waicon TriKolor are also available in 2 pack Monthly Waicon TriKolor 2 pack by Pfrtner and in a cost saving 6 pack Monthly Waicon TriKolor 6 pack by Pfrtner If you are a regular color contact wearer you may find the Waicon Trikolor 6 pack more value for money compared to the 2 pack.

Jul 25, 2012 Deevine1217, do you still have the information on where you purchased them? I'm looking to buy a pair of annual Waicon Trikolor Thin in Azul. I know Wr. Lens had them, but for 200 and I wasn't looking to spend more than around 120. Aug 17, 2012 Honey waicon trikolor Honey waicon classic kolor Una revision en una muy alta definicion, en sol, luz natural, sin maquillaje.

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Waicon TriKolor contact lenses come with thin edges (0. 05mm) maximizing comfort and minimizing eye lidlens interaction. With a Tint Diameter of 12. 50mm they cover the natural Iris fully and with a Pupil Diameter of 5. 1mm provide clear night vision unlike other Waicon lensesBeautiful colors!

full opacity! Vibrant colors! Waicon TriKolor Verde(Green) on brown eyes. The WAICON TRIKOLOR THIN lenses are amazing and very comfortable due to their thin thickness, so you will be able to wear them for a long time without discomfort. They change the color of your eyes in a natural way and bring out their beauty.

Mar 13, 2012 waicon trikolor todos los colores. waicon trikolor todos los colores. skip navigation sign in. waicon trikolor green vs waicon gray color contacts haul and review in hd duration: 11: 23. Nov 19, 2013 Waicon Trikolor Hazel vs Gray for Dark Eyes Hi Everyone, this thread is for those of you who own a pair of Waicon TriKolor Contacts I am looking to purchase a pair and am completely torn between the Gray or Hazel.

Waicon TriKolor cosmetic lenses utilize an innovative technology in contact lens fitting to offer you 6 different attractive looks. TriKolor is available with medical prescription that fits any vision correction. TriKolor, an easy healthy, comfortable and affordable way to create a new look any day. Stay natural with Waicon Trikolor! Trikolor color contact lenses offers 8 natural looking shades inspired by nature. Each of the colors has a unique subtle print transforming your eyes giving you the extraordinary shades of gray, blue, brown, hazel, and green.

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