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Mar 17, 2014 i want to have the page visible first complete and at the same time on page load i want to load the data in the background and show after its finished on the updatepanel. Add a timer control to the page and execute the background process in the first tick event. In this article I will explain how to show loading progress indicator using GIF Image when ASP. Net AJAX UpdatePanel is updating or when ASP.

Net AJAX UpdatePanel is doing PostBack. Until the AJAX call is in progress, the screen will freeze and user will not able to perform any action. The HTML Markup contains a DropDownList, a Button and a GridView control. On the click of the btnSubmit button the data is loaded in ASP. Net GridView. Also theres HTML DIV which is used to display the loading progress image.

Sep 02, 2014 Hi, How to show the loading image, and in background call a server side code. Is this possible without using update panel and without the postback happening? How to achieve this (c# jQueryJavascri Mar 14, 2012 Hello All, I wrote a simple to logic to refresh the image in Image Control.

I have placed this image control, a Link button inside updatePanel. Feb 27, 2013 Forum thread about Loading panel with asp: UpdatePanel in UI for ASP. NET AJAX. Join the conversation now. Create a new page and switch to Design view.

In the AJAX Extensions tab of the toolbox, doubleclick the ScriptManager control to add it to the page. Doubleclick the UpdatePanel control to add it to the page.

Doubleclick the Button control to add a handler for the button's Click event. Add the Aug 25, 2013  Hi All. Can any one suggest me how I can develop lazy load images so when user scroll page then image loaded.

I need to use these images in Repeater and Repeater will

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