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Paperclip (attachment) and lock icon are missing in the page (has attachment and restriction) that was using documentation theme How to replicate Access the page (that has attachment and restriction) that was using documentation theme previously and the attachment and lock icon are not there.

Your Confluence administrator can configure Confluence to display or hide the icons next to links on the wiki page, distinguishing external links, user links and email links. RELATED TOPICS Showing Link Icons The Documentation theme is one of the themes bundled with Confluence.

It provides an inbuilt table of contents for your space, a configurable header and footer, and text styles suited to documentation. Create a Confluence theme. Theming lets you change the look and feel of Confluence. You can affect certain aspects within one Confluence space, like a blog post or page, or apply styling changes across all spaces on a Confluence site.

An icon to display in the Theme selector in the Confluence administration screen. The icon will be resized to 110px wide and 70px high to fit inside the Theme selector. Defines an icon to display.

Confluence is a flexible platform that supports the way your team works and can be customized to fit any and every type of need. Collaboration, your way Confluence has an extensive set of features that will let your team hit the mark. I'm developer of a Confluence theme and I am missing the paperclip and page restrictions icon on pages.

When I switch back to the integrated theme everything works fine. After some research i found out that in main. vmd the line is responsible for that but In confluence 5. 1 if documentation theme is set as the global theme in Confluence Admin, when a space is using the 'global theme' there is no siebar icon in the navigation bar to collapseshow the left hand nav.

Preference Panel for customizing look and feel with Dark Blue theme. Apply a Theme to a Space. Documentation theme migration FAQ; The Documentation Theme; Customize Space Layouts; Chose the Restrictions icon at the top of the page. Confluence will send an email to a user who can grant permissions.

The sequence that Confluence will use to search for the appropriate user is: The standard Confluence 5. 0 styles in the Documentation theme. The documentation for Confluence 4.

3 is on the same wiki, but we havent applied the custom stylesheets. The wiki is already running Confluence 5. 0, so you can see the new 5. 0 look and feel without any custom styling. Finally, scroll down until you see the EpicTheme field (or any field, for that matter) and click the Hide option.

In this example, the Due Date field is currently visible on Issues, so it has the Hide option.

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