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Organisation fo AntiConvulsant Syndrome FACS is caused by Mums prescribed AntiEpileptic Drugs whilst Pregnant Valproate Epilim www. oacscharity.

org Fetal hydantoin syndrome, also called fetal dilantin syndrome is a group of defects caused to the developing fetus by exposure to teratogenic effects of phenytoin or carbamazepine.

Dilantin is the brand name of the drug phenytoin sodium in the United States, commonly used in the treatment of epilepsy. Fetal anticonvulsant syndrome is a nonfortuitous cluster of a variety of congenital malformations in infants exposed to antiepileptic drugs in utero. Symptoms and signs of fetal anticonvulsant syndrome consist of major congenital malformations, minor malformations, cognitive and behavioral disturbances, and intrauterine growth retardation.

Fetal anticonvulsant syndrome: Maternal use of anticonvulsants may increase the risk of the fetus developing birth defects. There is insufficient evidence to definitely conclude that maternal use of anticonvulsants is harmful to the fetus. Fetal anticonvulsant syndrome Congenital defects caused, or thought to have been caused, by the necessary maternal intake of anticonvulsant drugs during early pregnancy.

Fetal valproate syndrome (FVS) is a rare condition that is caused by exposure of the unborn baby to valproic acid or sodium valproate (dalpro, depakene, depakote, depakote sprinkle, divalproex, epival, myproic acid) during the first three months of pregnancy (the first trimester).

Fetal AntiConvulsant Syndromes or FACS for short, is a complex syndrome with a number of disabilities ranging from Congenital abnormalities, called malformations, are conditions that are present at birth (congenital). There are numerous variations of congenital malformations of the bone and soft tissue of the head and spine, including neural As with the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, it is now common nomenclature to consider children presenting with a more limited pattern of anomalies secondary to in utero hydantoin exposure to be expressing Fetal Hydantoin Effects (FHE; Hanson, 1986).

Characteristics of fetal anticonvulsant syndrome associated autistic disorder ADRasalamMRCPsych, Department of Child Health, University of Aberdeen; Sep 22, 2017 Fetal valproate syndrome (FVS) may occur if a developing baby is exposed Fetal anticonvulsant syndrome wiki valproic acid during pregnancy. Valproic acid, also known as valproate, is a medication that is often used to treat epilepsy, bipolar disorder, and migraines.

Valproate has a broad spectrum of anticonvulsant activity, Characteristics of this valproate syndrome include facial features that tend to evolve with age, also known as OuvrierBillson syndrome, from childhood or fetal exposure. This condition resolved after discontinuing valproate therapy.

Foetal AntiConvulsant Syndrome New Zealand (FACS NZ) believes in a: Vision of understanding and recognition of what the different anticonvulsant syndromes are and how they can be prevented. Mission to provide support, education and awareness of Foetal AntiConvulsant Syndromes.

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